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Protocol introduce The Phoenix Intelligent UPS and free Software advantages:

September 11th, 2013

Here at Protocol Power Products we always try to highlight to our customers the latest in power and power solutions and the Phoenix IQ UPS and free software is in our opinion one of the breakthrough technologies in recent years. Although there have been many DIN rail UPS systems introduced a lot of these are really ‘dumb’ UPS systems where the only communication feature is a flashing or solid led light.

The Phoenix system however is far more advanced and in also more price competitive, below are just some of  the key features:-

Device informationPhoenix IQ UPS

  1. Status bar
  2. Intelligent battery management with State of charge, State of health and state of function.
  3. Configurable software options such as setting alarm alerts which can be emailed to two~four people for example when the battery is at 60%, there is only 10 minutes of back up available, the UPS has gone offline, the battery is nearing the end of its life and needs replacing, a shut down event has started and more.
  4. If used in PC mode you can set how long you would the unit to buffer in minutes (up to 18 hours) and seconds. Create a controlled shut down program where if the power has been off for 1 hour and you want the PC to do a controlled shut down of the hardware and software it is controlling and also put in a time delay restart of the PC of up to 60 seconds to try and ensure mains is restored permanently.
  5. Easy service options such as changing the batteries or if installing multiple identical systems by using a IFS-CONFSTICK you can download all the settings from one system and upload them to the next system in under 30 seconds saving you a lot of time configuring the system.
  6. Advanced information on the system such as units being used, battery type, serial numbers of units and battery, actual charging current, wire distance to battery, wire cross section to the battery unit, returns to mains time and much more information.
  7. Very full and advanced monitoring information giving out information such as when the system was started, when it has gone off-line and on to battery power and for how long, when it went back on to mains power etc.
  8. The system can be accessed and settings changed by the internet if in a remote site by using remote access control, WiFi and by Ethernet via a COMs controller. The UPS system can also be password protected to stop anyone changing any of the settings.
  9. Different types of batteries available such BAT/VRLA which has 0~+40 operating temperature range, LI-ION (Lithium Ion) which has a -20 to +58C operating temperature range, and BAT/VRLA-WTR UPS which has a -40 to +60C operating temperature range.
  10. Depending upon which type of UPS controller you use they are capable of a battery capacity range of 0.8Ah to 200Ah so even the most demanding system can be held up.

Along with the all in one TRIO AC/DC power supply/UPS, there is QUINT DC/DC UPS range in single outputs from 24V, 5 to 40A and dual output unit with 12V,5A and 24V/10A output  and also a AC/AC 500VA unit.

For even more information and to see full data on the Phoenix power supplies and UPS range please click here.

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