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Phoenix introduce the new UNO DIN rail range

July 23rd, 2013
The new Phoenix UNO range of power supplies is the first generation of its kind from Phoenix Contact.  This highly efficient power supply offers basic functionality in a compact design with outstanding quality standards.
With its high-power density in narrow housing, UNO POWER is the ideal solution for applications that require up to 100W of power, particularly in compact control boxes, with its high-power density in narrow housing.  The product’s high efficiency saves energy and ensures cool and durable control cabinet components.  A high level of product quality ensures a reliable power supply with 24 and 12 V DC.UNO range
UNO POWER is designed for low cost, basic functionality applications.  However, with a MTBF of over 500,000 hours, this option still ranks as one of the most reliable power supplies on the market.

Features & Benefits:

  • Higher power density than competitors — of 10 to 20% — and tailored to all conventional 120 mm control cabinets
  • Models from 30~100W.
  • High efficiency — more than 90 percent — reducing energy costs
  • Basic functionality for 24 V DC and 12 V DC requirements, making it a reliable power supply for low-cost applications
  • Wide operating temperature range of -25°C to 70°C, making it flexible for all applications
  • Wide-range input of 85 to 264 V AC for worldwide use
  • More than 700,000-hour MTBF rating at full nominal load


  • Urban infrastructure
  • Machine engineering
  • Renewable energy
  • Any application requiring low-power solution

To see the new UNO  range please click here.

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Protocol Power Products now also stock and sell Phoenix Contact power supplies

July 23rd, 2013



Phoenix Contact power supplies are at the cutting edge of the DIN rail power supply market with leading efficiencies, compact size and many extra features such as free downloadable software for monitoring their very compact DIN rail UPS systems.

Phoenix have listened to the industry and have produced one of the most comprehensive ranges of power supplies to suit Oil & Gas, Railways, ATEX areas, Panel builders, Automation machinery and more. Just some of the features are:

  • Wide range universal input
  • Industry standard screw terminals
  • Single phase power supplies
  • Efficiencies up to and over 94%
  • Three phase power supplies
  • Very high MTBF
  • DC/DC converters
  • Operating temperature range -40C to +70C
  • ATEX approved units
  • AC/AC UPS system
  • DC/DC UPS systems
  • Continuous bonus power up to 50%
  • Cutting edge SFB Technology
  • Redundancy modules with ACB Technology to increase service life.

With new models and ranges being developed all the time Phoenix aim to meet the most demanding customers requirements and are happy to assist on technical issues.

With large stocks held in the UK, and backed up by very large stocks in Germany, quick delivery of any quantity is possible.

Please click here for our dedicated web site or contact us for a catalogue or for price and availability.

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Protocol now stock and sell Phoenix.

July 23rd, 2013

Protocol Power Products are proud to announce that they are now an approved specialist Phoenix Contact power supply distributor. f2cb299f42385a79a1ec6ede9485df6a

With quite possibly the largest range of DIN rail power supplies in both AC/DC, DC/DC, AC/AC UPS and AC/DC UPS solutions you will be hard pushed to not find a advanced compact solution to your power requirements.

As a specialist independent distributor for over 25 years we can say that in our expert opinion the Phoenix range is without doubt the next step in the evolution of DIN rail power supplies and leaves other manufactures quite a few steps behind.

With a continuous focus on R & D and new products, lines being produced Phoenix have positioned themselves to be at the forefront of industry.

To see the extensive range of Phoenix DIN rail power supplies please click here to be taken to our new and dedicated site, or alternatively please copy this link:

We also have access to the entire Phoenix Contact range so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a requirement.

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