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The PULS 1 Battery Concept

June 8th, 2011

PULS has developed a totally new range of  DC-UPS ‘Uninterruptible power supply’ models which include UB10.241, UB10.242, UB10.245 and UBC10.241 which requires only one 12V battery to buffer 24Vdc.

To eliminate the need for two batteries connected in series the developers from PULS have integrated firmware along with a unique circuit into the DC-UPS to boost the 12V battery voltage up to 24V. Smart semiconductors replace non-intelligent discrete components, therefore the need for the second battery is eliminated and the battery performance is maximized. The firmware runs a series of logical test on the battery and makes adjustments to maintain the constant output under all conditions.



With this concept, new advantages are achieved for the UB10.241 and with only one 12V battery, the DC-UPS provides a superior battery-management as well as a stabilized output voltage in buffer mode. These features ensure the optimal utilization of the battery and hold-up time. Additionally the precise battery-management has a positive effect to the battery service-life.

The PULS DC-UPS offers a unique feature of a constant output voltage in buffer mode which is different from all other DC-UPS on the market today. When the battery voltage starts to decrease, the load voltage is compensated electronically by the boost converter.

To provide easy installation and system integration, the UB10.241 integrates a comprehensive electronic safety-package offering protection against reverse battery polarity, incorrect battery voltage, high temperature and overload or short-circuit at the output.

With comprehensive LED indications and signal outputs diagnostics are made simple.

The DC-UPS UB10.241 and a commonly available 12V, 7Ah battery used in the PULS module (UZK12.071) are both DIN-rail mountable. Please see the table to the right in regards to the UB10.241 hold up times when used with UZK12.071 or UZK12.261.UB10.241 battery data

The benefit of the one 12V lead-acid battery concept removes the worry of matched batteries.

For data on UB10.241 please click here. For data on UZK12.071 please click here and for UZK12.261 please click here.


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