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PULS Conformal Coated Power Supplies

July 5th, 2011

PULS have a range of conformal coated power supplies which are suitable for many environments where dust, contaminants, occasional high humidity, vibration or thermal shock can be expected, devices with conformal coated PC-boards are recommended. Thereby, a significantly higher operational safety can be achieved by avoiding short circuits and corrosion of conductors and solder joints.

The protective coating is made with an acrylic varnish, The coating process is a dip coating and has no impact on the electrical performance of the power supply.

The typical field applications are:

Paper mills and paper processing industry which must be immune against all kinds of dust and electrostatic discharge.

Railways and construction machines with continuous vibrations and rapid temperature changes.

Farms, where fumes (barns, silos, etc.) are present and resistance to insects is required.

In protected outdoor areas, where moisture and condensation is occasionally present.

Systems which are cooled with fans, resulting in extreme dust deposits.

Subtropical regions with long lasting high humidity along with high ambient temperatures.

Lighting, advertising displays and score boards which are located in protected outdoor areas.
The following power supplies are available with conformal coated PC-boards as a stock item:

  Output Input Standard unit without Conformal Coating
ML50.109 24-28V 2,1A 50W 100-240Vac ML50.100
ML100.109 24-28V 4,2A 100W 100-120/220-240Vac ML100.100
CS5.241-C1 24-28V 5A 120W 100-120/200-240Vac CS5.241
QS10.241-C1 24-28V 10A 240W 100-240Vac QS10.241
QS20.241-C1 24-28V 20A 480W 100-240Vac QS20.241
SL10.309 24-28V 10A 240W 3AC 400-500V SL10.300
QT20.241-C1 24-28V 20A 480W 3AC 380-480V QT20.241

Most other models can be equipped with conformal coating, please contact us regarding this.


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