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PULS ML30.102 can replace 10~12V linear units

September 25th, 2012

With linear power supplies now becoming more and more specialised, harder to acquire and expensive PULS have model ML30.102 which is capable of replacing linear units with 10~12V output up to 30W.ML30.102

Through clever design the PULS ML30.102 has a very low ripple of <2mVpp and noise of <10mVpp. Most PULS units have a ripple and noise of <50mVpp which is low for a switch-mode power supply when you consider other manufacturers ripple and noise is as high as <480mVpp and higher.

This makes the PULS ML30.102 suitable to use in place of a linear unit and being a high class PULS product the other advantages are the very small size & weight, DIN mountable (but can also be mounted other ways with the different mounting kits PULS offer) high efficiency of 84% compared to a linear unit efficiency of 60% saving both heat and money, universal wide range input and many other pluses including the many safety, UL, NEC and other certificates.

For data on PULS model ML30.102 please click here.

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