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Phoenix Contact Multi-channel electronic device circuit breakers

April 30th, 2015


The newly released Phoenix Contact multi-channel electronic device circuit breakers provide greater functionality in a very small amount of space. Thanks to the push-in connection technology, they are particularly suitable for use in machine building and control technology. Configuration could not be easier with the new nominal current assistant. The multi-channel outputs means distribution boards are no longer needed in small systems saving even more space in the panel, which allows for further cost savings and smaller cabinets to be used.

Your advantages

  • Optimum system protection and nominal currents set up easily using the nominal current assistant
  • Versatile use, thanks to fine nominal current levels
  • Space-saving, easy installation, thanks to the compact design and push-in connection technology which allows for easier power distribution in your system
  • Increased system safety, thanks to electronic locking of the set nominal currents and active current limitation
  • Various fields of application, thanks to the wide temperature range and high resistance to shock and vibration

Function description of CBM device circuit breakers

CBM multi-channel electronic device circuit breaker 

CBM eight-channel electronic device circuit breaker

The CBM product range protects against overload and short-circuit currents in 24 V DC circuits. The nominal current of each channel can be adjusted individually in fine increments between 0.5 and 10 A. The selected settings are locked electronically which prevents the risk of unintentional adjustment.

The integrated early warning system ensures fewer failures. If 80% of the set nominal current of a channel is reached, a warning is indicated via the associated LED. Furthermore, the separate signal output can be used for remote signaling.

Thanks to the active current limitation, the upstream power supply can be used optimally. This enables the use of smaller switched-mode power supply units and prevents undesirable voltage dips and just 41mm wide they take up very little room on the DIN rail.

Function elements

  1. 4 or 8 independent channels
  2. Remote indication contact
  3. Reset input
  4. Early warning at 80%, 24 V DC output, and LED signal
  5. LED display for supply voltage, surge voltage, and undervoltage
  6. Power supply 2 x minus
  7. Power supply 2 x plus
  8. Electronic locking
  9. Adjustable nominal currents: 0.5 to 10 A

Tripping characteristic of CBM device circuit breakers

Tripping characteristic of a CBM electronic device circuit breaker in the range from 2 A … 10 A 

Tripping characteristic for the setting range from 2 to 10 A

Electronic device circuit breakers in the CBM product range are equipped with active current limitation. Depending on the preset current, this function limits short-circuit and overload currents to a value that is 1.5 to 2 times that of the nominal current. This protects the power supply against excessively high currents and prevents the output voltage dipping at the switched-mode power supply unit. It is therefore possible to virtually fully plan the connected load of a DC voltage power supply. In addition, longer cable paths between the power supply and load are possible without negatively impacting the shutdown behavior.

The integrated sensor continuously measures the current flowing and switches off within approximately 30 or 0.02 seconds in the event of an overload current or short circuit.

The tripping characteristics show the shutdown time depending on the current.

For data on model 2905743 (4 channels) please click here.

For data on model 2905744 (8 channels) please click here.

Both models are now available from stock, and if you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please click here for the short form pdf catalogue of Device Circuit Breakers.

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