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Phoenix QUINT Oring with ACB Technology

March 11th, 2014

Redundancy modules – QUINT ORING with ACB technology


With Phoenix QUINT ORING redundancy modules, you meet the highest of system availability requirements. Devices with the new ACB technology offer everything for reliable decoupling, monitoring and regulating redundant power supply concepts.



Advantages at a glance:


  • Even distribution doubles service life
    Phoenix ORING module’s newly developed (ACB) Auto Current Balancing technology doubles the service life of redundantly operated power supply units, by equally loading both power supply units. Equal division of the load current is automated.
  • Save 70% energy
    QUINT ORING decouples with MOFSETs instead of conventional Shottky or silicon diodes so that up to 70 percent of energy is saved when compared with conventional diode modules.
  • Continuous redundancy
    The use of two Plus output terminal blocks makes it possible to devise a redundant wiring concept that runs right through to the load.
  • Permanent load current monitoring
    Load current monitoring offers a major advantage: if the user connects additional loads to a redundant power supply unit during system expansion, this can lead to redundancy loss.
  • OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
    All surge voltages are limited to 32V and if used with two Phoenix QUINT power supply you have a double fail safe.

An example of how this works is a controller that requires 4 amps is supplied by two redundant power supply units, each with a nominal current of 5 amps. As part of a system expansion, the user connects another load with 4 amps. The power supply units easily supply 8 amps without any voltage dips.

However, in this instance there is no more redundancy. If one of the two power supply units fails, the second device cannot provide the 8 amps. This is why checking the load current is important.

With the QUINT ORING modules, the user immediately notices when there is no more redundancy, as the QUINT ORING modules detects critical operating states within the entire supply path and notifies the operator in good time.

At this moment there are three models to choose from which are 23201732320186 and 2902879 which cover power ranges from 10A up to 80A respectively.

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