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PULS QS40.241 – Coming soon

November 26th, 2012

PULS are soon to release model QS40.241. We believe this is the world’s smallest single phase input and 24V, 40A output DIN rail power supply measuring only 125mm wide!

As is normal with PULS this unit is packed full of features and has an efficiency of 94.6%.QS40.241

The most outstanding features of this Dimension QS40.241 DIN-rail power supply is the extremely high efficiency and the small size, which are achieved by a synchronous rectification, a bridgeless PFC circuit and additional unique design details.

Large power reserves of 150% and built-in large sized output capacitors support the starting of heavy loads such as DC motors or capacitive loads. In many cases this allows the use of a unit from a lower wattage class which saves space and money.

High immunity to transients and power surges as well as low electromagnetic emissions makes usage in nearly every environment possible.

The integrated input fuse as well as the near zero input inrush current make installation and usage simple. Diagnostics are easy due to the DC-OK relay, a green DC-OK LED and the red overload LED.

A large international approval package for a variety of applications makes this unit suitable for nearly every application.

Data for model QS40.241 will be available shortly.

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PULS model CPS20.241 now in stock

July 12th, 2012

PULS are pleased to announce the arrival of the new ground breaking CPS20.241 power supply which has recently received UL508 approval and is now available ex stock. This model will deliver 20A in a case size just 5mm wider than the PULS QS10.241 (24V, 10A unit).

Below are just some of the features model CPS20.241 has:

  • Only 65mm in width
    PULS CPS20.241
  • Weighs only 1Kg
  • Wide-range input (AC100-240V)
  • Efficiency up to 94.0%
  • 20% Power Boost
  • Active PFC (power factor correction)
  • Minimal inrush current surge
  • Full power between -25ºC and + 60ºC
  • DC-OK relay contact
  • Current sharing feature for parallel use.
  • Screw terminals


We now have large stocks of model CPS20.241 for immediate despatch.

For full data on the PULS CSP20.241 please click here.

In addition PULS have also received UL508 approval for the 48V version of the CPS20 units – CSP20.481. This unit will be available ex stock later in the year.

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World’s smallest 40Amp, 3-phase DIN rail power supply launched by PULS

May 19th, 2011

The world’s leading DIN rail power supply manufacturer PULS has launched one of its latest Q-series unit. The super-compact QT40 which measures only 110 x 124 x 127mm and weighs in at a mere 1.5 kg, making it the smallest 40Amp, 3-phase power supply on the market & is in stock in for immediate delivery.

There are two versions of the QT40 a 24V,40A (QT40.241) and 48V 20A (QT40.481) both delivering 960 Watts with record-breaking efficiency of 95.3%.

PULS Power supply QT40.241

The QT40’s high performance has been achieved by PULS’s use of three micro-controllers to maintain optimum efficiency at all levels of load. This amazing efficiency also makes power sharing easy by allowing multiple units to be mounted side-by-side on the DIN Rail without the need for fan cooling.

Other features include near zero inrush at switch-on, & shut-down input. Both units have high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) values and despite its diminutive size it has built-in mains fuses. PULS’s unique Bonus Power overload design provides 150% current reserves for up to four seconds to help start demanding loads.

The QT40.241 and QT40.481 are ideally suited to industrial power applications such as control systems for large electric motors powering production equipment, conveyors, machine tools, etc.

These units are also ideal for harsh environment applications where the ability to operate at low temperatures is important. Ambient temperatures as low as -25 degrees centigrade can be tolerated without difficulty.

Both QT40.241 & QT40.481 also have a d.c. input range of 450~810Vdc.

For short form data on model QT40.241 click here and for QT40.481 click here.


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PULS Gains ATEX Approval for Q-series Power Supplies

May 19th, 2011

PULS, the world’s leading manufacturer of DIN rail power supplies, has been granted ATEX approval for a selection of its single phase Q-series units which allows them to be used in potentially explosive environments such as Nuclear plants, Refineries, Oil rigs, Flour Mills, etc, etc.

PULS power supplies

The units have been tested to EN60079–15 and are approved for use in zone 2 hazardous systems category 3G.  PULS have had to make no electrical changes to achieve the approval and that the Standard had been met in essence by dual conformal coating the internal components of the units.

The units which achieved this standard are models QS5.241-A1, QS10.241-A1 and QS20.241-A1 all which are now in stock in large numbers at our premises, for further information please look at the datasheets on our site or contact us now for prices.

For short form data on model QS5.241-A1 click here, for model QS10.241-A1 click here and model QS20.241-A1 click here.

ATEX, which derives its name from the French ‘ATmosphère EXplosif’ is the framework for controlling explosive atmospheres and the standards of equipment and protective systems used in them. By achieving EN60079–15 approval PULS is now well placed to become a major supplier of power supplies to this specialised sector of the market.

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Smallest 30W DIN rail power supply released by PULS

May 18th, 2011

In April PULS released the new super slim ML30.241 unit which complements the range of MiniLine-2 power supplies, which are compact units in robust plastic housings. We have large stocks of this unit in our warehouse. The powerful ML30.241 fits in a package measuring just W22.5 x H75 xD91mm which is an amazing 50% smaller than its predecessor ML30.100.

PULS ML30.241

For data on ML30.241 please click here.

The new ML30.241 small size is matched by its price. By using advanced production technology which reduces production costs yet without compromising quality or reliability and PULS still maintains the usage of very high quality components.

The key features of the ML30.241 are high efficiencies of up to 89.4%, small width of only 22.5mm,< 0.4W no-load losses, a wide temperature range up to +60°C without de-rating, long lifetime expectancy and high MTBF figures. Also included is  high immunity to transients and power surges as well as  low electromagnetic emission.

The ML30.241 is a member of the new MiniLine-2 family along with the ML15.051, ML15.121 and ML15.241 15W units along with the ML60.121, ML60.122, ML60.241 and ML60.244 all of which are held in stock in our warehouse. In addition to the latest power supplies a MiniLine-2 redundancy module will shortly become available. There are no plans to obsolete any of the previous MiniLine models which will be continuously supported for many years to come.

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